Plastic Free

World’s first couple get married wearing plastic-free face shields – Euronews

A British couple has put safety and the environment first at their wedding by becoming the first to tie the knot wearing plastic-free PPE.

Rebecca Hughes and Neil Simms were supposed to get married in April of this year, but COVID-19 restrictions meant they were forced to cancel. They are not alone either, as some 64 per cent of weddings are due to be called off or postponed amid the pandemic, according to a study by wedding planning app Bridebook.

The climate-conscious couple wed last week in Devon, on the south-west coast of England. For both, it was important to wear plastic-free face shields as both a practical and eco-friendly measure at the ceremony.

“Every couple choosing to marry in 2020 will have to compromise. We both felt, especially after lockdown, our wedding was an opportunity to create a positive new normal and to be more environmentally conscious in our decision making,” said Rebecca.

Some 36 per cent of all wedding business will be lost in the coming months, with the industry set to suffer losses of up to £87.5 billion. As a result, if weddings can resume with plastic-free flip visors, such as those by A Plastic Planet, festivities can continue without newly weds contributing to the ever-growing problem of plastic pollution.

The REELshield Flip Visors the couple opted for even protected them from the rain on the day – in true British fashion. Rather than wearing a face mask, the transparency also allowed them to be more expressive