Plastic Pollution

World will have 710M tons of plastic pollution by 2040 despite efforts to cut waste, study says – CNN

The study, from a group of international researchers and published in the journal Science on Thursday, found that even in a “best-case scenario” where the amount of plastic pollution was reduced by 80% by 2040, there would still be a massive build-up of accumulated plastic.
“The biggest takeaway from our work is that if we don’t do anything, the plastic pollution problem is going to become unmanageable. Doing nothing is not an option, said Dr. Winnie Lau, co-author of the study and senior manager for Pew’s Preventing Ocean Plastics campaign.
Lau called their findings a “bad news, good news situation” because while the plastic pollution problem is set to get worse, we have all the knowledge, technology and tools to make a huge dent.
The team found that seriously ramped up global efforts could cut plastic pollution by 40% from 2016 levels, or 78% relative to a “business as usual” model by 2040.
How rivers became the plastic highway into the oceans
Millions of tons of plastic enter the oceans every year, polluting the seas, littering beaches and endangering wildlife. Plastic particles have been found in soils, in the atmosphere and even in the most remote regions of Earth,