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Wellow Wants to Help the Planet Smell Less and Live Longer – waste360

Americans didn’t have a solution to sweaty, foul body odors until Edna Murphey, the antiperspirant pioneer convinced attendees of the 1912 Atlantic City exposition to smell their armpits on a hot, sunny day.

Since the entrepreneur created her Odorono empire more than a century ago, the deodorant and antiperspirant market has ballooned to nearly $18 billion. And 4 billion plastic tubes that hold these products make their final resting places in oceans, rivers and landfills every year.

While some deodorants and beauty products boast natural ingredients with sustainability in mind, few are displayed in biodegradable packaging or are fully compostable.

Wellow, a new eco-friendly innovator to the deodorant game, is aiming to change the personal hygiene industry from the shelf to the ground.

The deodorant’s push-up tube is made of 95% recycled paper, allowing the consumer to compost or to recycle it once it’s gone. The formula, which promises to be just as effective as traditional deodorants, is cruelty-free, derived from natural ingredients, and does not contain aluminum, parabens or toxins.

Waste360 and Wellow Co-Founder Dan Hernden discussed the beauty product industry, the lack of sustainable, plastic-free packaging, and the process of launching a zero-waste product and getting it to market.

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Waste360: What was the inspiration behind Wellow?

Dan Hernden: My co-founder and I had both quit our jobs in 2017. We had been working remote jobs. So in traveling around the world, we passed through security a lot, and we ended up losing a lot of our personal care items in the security