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Two New Books on Plastics, Two Different Stories – Plastics Today

Two new books came out recently by two authors with two very different viewpoints on plastics. In the first corner is Say Goodbye to Plastic: A Survival Guide for Plastic-Free Living, written by Sandra Ann Harris. In the other is The Plastics Paradox, authored by Chris DeArmitt, PhD, a plastic materials scientist. Are you ready to rumble?

Harris is the founder of Ecolunchbox, a plastic-free company that she started in 2008 “to empower people to say goodbye to plastic.” That message is amplified in her book published by Heatherleigh Press in Hobart, NY.

The quest to become plastic free began when Harris tried to find a lunchbox for her children in 2003, but she couldn’t find a “non-toxic container that wouldn’t leach chemicals into my children’s lunches.” Harris looked for stainless-steel containers to “pair with the metal water bottles,” but to no avail. She couldn’t find anything without plastic. “I settled on a few, very small Tupperware containers made out of rigid plastic. I thought this type of plastic was less likely to have toxins than soft plastics like Ziplocs,” said Harris.

Harris’s book takes the reader on a tour of a typical  home, pointing out the many items in every room that should be eliminated. The kitchen is a biggie, of course. Just look around your own kitchen and you’ll find myriad utensils made out of plastic.

Heatherleigh PressSay Goodbye to Plastic book cover
In her book,