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Lawyer with plastic-free bathroom idea turns environmentalist producing own line of eco-friendly toiletries – The Borneo Post

KUANTAN: The dream to have a plastic-free bathroom has turned a lawyer into an environmentalist, producing her own line of environment-friendly toiletries.

Not only environment-friendly soaps, Noor Jehan Abu Bakar, 50, also produces shampoo, face wash, deodorant and lotions in bar forms that do not produce any ‘waste’ when used.

The Kuantan-born lawyer also produces toothpaste, sunblock creams, face serums and body scrubs that are stored in glass containers to complete her zero-plastic policy.

“The bathroom is the best place for us to start the plastic- reduction initiative because there are not many personal care items compared to other locations such as the kitchen, where most cooking items are packed in plastic packages or containers.

“Plastic takes a long time to decompose. If it decomposes in the sea, it will become microplastics and nanoplastics that endanger marine life.

“So even when starting in the bathroom, it opens up opportunities for every individual to participate in caring for the environment,” she told Bernama when met here yesterday.

Noor Jehan admitted that the idea of making plastic-free items had crossed her mind five years ago, but she took almost two years before ‘successfully ‘inding the right recipe’ to produce bath soaps, which later led to the production of other toiletries.

Some of Noor Jehan environment-friendly toiletries that feature creative designs. — Bernama photos

With a smile, the mother of two recalled that there were a number of failed attempts when the soap she produced smelled rancid