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France: A 100 % plastic-free packaging for Traditional shallots –

The French company, SARL Daniel Cadiou, is specialized in the traditional shallot trade. Concerned about reducing the ecological impact of its business, Daniel Cadiou has been thinking about its packaging for several months now.

Jean-Jacques Cadiou explains : “The first step has been to develop packaging with a single material (Polyethylene) which is fully recyclable. This packaging is still available. The second step was to design a 100% plastic-free packaging. Our paper bag is now available in 250g in both conventional and organic shallots. The 500g and 1 kg bags will be available for shallots and onions by the end of the year.”

The market is hesitant for this time of the year
Regarding the market of the traditional shallot, it is currently pretty quiet. “This is normal for the month of October. Nevertheless, uncertainties remain regarding the future impact of the Covid 19 crisis on the European wholesale markets,” explains Pierre Batardière, head of commercial export.

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