Plastic Free

Dayton residents can join Hennepin County’s Plastic-Free Challenge – ECM Publishers

Although plastic is a versatile material with many uses, it is also concerning because it presents health risks, contributes to litter and pollution, and is challenging to dispose of. Some of the most common and problematic plastic items we deal with every day come in the form of packaging and single-use plastics.

Since these items are used for a short period of time and then discarded, they contribute significantly to the increasing amount of plastic waste.

The Hennepin County Plastic-Free Challenge is a month-long effort starting Jan. 20 to reduce plastic consumption, especially single-use plastics, in ways that fit best in your lifestyle and are most impactful to reducing your footprint.

Kicking off the New Year with the Plastic-Free Challenge is a great way to adopt new habits that will help you set and keep resolutions to lower your impact on the environment.

There are many simple changes you