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Alderman Sponsor Ordinance To Limit Disposable Plastics – RADIO.COM

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — Several Chicago aldermen and environmental advocates are championing an ordinance that would limit the use of plastic straws and ban Styrofoam plastic food containers and most plastic serviceware.Alderman Scott Waguespack is leading a group of city council colleagues sponsoring the “Plastic-Free Water Ordinance.”

“It is costing us tens of millions of dollars to recycle and we are not doing a good job, so we have to work with our restaurant associations, universities, different businesses throughout the city to reduce this waste,” he said.

Polystyrene would be banned and restaurants would be required to provide recyclable or compostable containers and serviceware, on request. In 2021, any serviceware like spoons and forks would have to be recyclable or compostable. Plastic straws, however, would still be available, since the sponsors acknowledges that some people with disabilities need plastic straws; but the straws would only be available upon request.

“In fact, within the language of working with access living, we preserve the ability of anybody to get a plastic straw if they ask for a plastic straw,” said Jen Walling, executive director of the Illinois Environmental Council.

But Tanya Triche, general counsel for the Illinois Retail Merchants Association said most of the alternatives are not recyclable.

“At the end of the day it is going to sit in a landfill