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8 Sustainable Products for an Eco-Friendly Bathroom Routine – LIVEKINDLY

Have you been meaning to switch to more eco-friendly bathroom products? Making a few small changes to your everyday products can be a great start! From shampoo to toilet paper, watch as Claire takes us through some of the changes she made to create a sustainable bathroom routine. 

8 Sustainable Products for an Eco-Friendly Bathroom Routine

BKIND’s bamboo hair brush is one of Claire’s favorite sustainable products.

BKIND Bamboo Hair Brush

Keep plastic out of your bathroom routine with one of Claire’s favorite products: BKIND’s bamboo hairbrush. Bamboo is a sustainable material because it doesn’t require a lot of water and can be grown without the use of chemicals. Get it here.

Panda’s Best Bamboo Tooth Brush

Panda’s Best’s bamboo tooth brush is the eco-friendly staple you never knew your bathroom needed. Get it here.

Ditch plastic with BKIND’s package-free haircare collection.

BKIND Bamboo Box with Shampoo and Conditioning Bar

Go plastic-free with BKIND’s package-free haircare collection, which features bottle-free shampoo and conditioner bars. Get it here.